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“This is much more than a cookbook. It is also an account of the Sawka family’s odyssey from the
repressive communist Poland of the 1970s to the peaceful haven of New York State’s Catskill Mountains.”
-- Oksana Dragan, Voice of America
“At Hanka’s Table is sort of a book that encompasses many things – it’s Hanka’s biography, it’s a story of
art, it’s also a love story – between Hanka and her husband.”
-- Susan Arbetter, WAMC Northeast Public Radio
“Food can provide sustenance even when the cupboard is bare. Memoirs of food in times of privation have
been written about places as far-flung as Russia, China, Eastern Europe and the American West. And now
Hanka Sawka, a Polish immigrant, has added her voice to this canon, recalling the hearty soups and rich
cakes that families managed to serve, especially for holidays like Easter, despite shortages under the
Communist regime.”
-- Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

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Last updated: 27 January 2015